Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Wow, #MuseumWeek really snuck up on me! For those of you who don't know, it's a chance to celebrate the work of museums and galleries all over the UK, giving some fascinating insight into the inner workings of these amazing institutions. To get involved, head over to twitter and use the hashtag #MuseumWeek, where you'll find all sorts of great stuff going on!

Unfortunately for me, the real world of the day job has intruded, and I'm not going to get to visit anywhere exciting during the actual week itself, but didn't want to leave such an important event go unmarked here at the Heritage Hunter blog! So I'd like to share some of my pictures from the most-visited museum in the UK, the British Museum!

What started out as the private collection of the physician Sir Hans Sloane was made by act of parliament into the British Museum on 7 June 1753, and now numbers over 8 million objects within its archive. Here are some of those that I've enjoyed over the years:

So there you have it, just a small sampling of one of the finest museums the world has to offer! If you haven't yet been - shame on you! I can highly recommend it!

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